buy AC withouth being in the US?

Is it possible to actually buy AC withouth being in the US?

Summarized in the MS STORE there is no way via cc or paypal despite paypal us transfer possibility. The main problem is the address information, which is not avoidable and it is only possible to enter a US address instead of the account address of the Windows 10 user, who plays PSO2 here and has already installed PSO2 via the MS STORE.

MS even later asks cheekily if the buyer wants to complete the purchase, which of course is not possible, because the buyer again cannot give a US address, because he has a Windows 10 account in Western Europe, but his PayPal is registered under Microsoft for US purchases, because the MS STORE cat bites its own tail?

... How to fix this?

You technically aren't s upposed to ever be able to buy anything for this game outside of the US or Canada. Paypal is definitely off the table for this, unless you have a physical address in the US. The only way to properly buy anything for the game on MS store is to get and use Microsoft gift cards from the region your set your system to (USA or Canada). If, even when using a gfit card, you are required to use a US Address, you can use a public address, such as a college.