PSO2 1st time

Getting to play PSO2 for the first time. It was truly the most wonderful weekend I've ever had. I've never had so much fun on games before until I found PSO2. It truly is a most wonderful game, and I absolutely love it.

I know, this was my first Phantasy Star game and it is a good one. If possible I might try to play older games in the future to see the old games. The downside to playing it for the first time is that I want more than it delivered. I still want to do more client orders, missions, expeditions, and Alliance Quarter shenanigans. I hope the Open Beta Test starts really early in April or Late February so that the void can be refilled and I can have a lot more fun.

Glad you found PSO2! Hoping others will be able to find it as well and have an enjoyable experience.

Now that you're hooked, you can pass the time by finding a private PSO:BB server and experience the magic WHERE IT ALL BEGAN.

@Rantious Great, I gotta do that when I have a day off.

@Plazza7020 I'd recommend Ephinea just for the boosted exp gain if you're looking for something between now and open beta.

@Rantious Thanks for the recommendation. I'll play on that private server till the Open Beta and then I'll mostly focus on PSO2 when the official Launch happens.

That is so awesome to hear! I just feel bad for people that didn't get to experience the Closed Beta excitement. Perhaps open beta will but it just moght not be 100% the same xD