Issue completing "Mag Breeder In Training!"

hello!! I'm currently having issues meeting the requirements for the quest "Mag Breeder In Training!" I've fed my mag both weapons and furniture and it still has not been marked as completed 😞

you get a reward for completing it i think, is your inventory full?

If the Client Order gives items, make sure the stack size of that item isn't full. (IE: Dimates stack up to 10.)

oh oops!! for some reason i thought it was a client order lol. thank you all so much! ❤

@duckhime said in Issue completing "Mag Breeder In Training!":

for some reason i thought it was a client order

Some COs give items.

Im confused.... first the OP did ask that the quest didnt complete (i have same problem), then he got a answer that doesnt match the question, then OP says it helped him. Im afraid i understand something wrong here....

Anyway, i have the same problem, i fed my mag various different items, leveled it up too but the quest did never complete. How to finish it?

@Saanchay So, for Mag Breeder, there are two things, the actual Client Order from Echo and the ARKS Quest that asks for the Client Order to be completed.

For the Client Order, you need to feed your Mag an item, then it should turn the Client Order from blue to green in your CO list. Once it is green, you can return to Echo and turn in the order. She gives 2 Dimates with this order as well, so if you have a full stack of them on you, it may cause issues completing, so make sure you have the room for them.

The ARKS Quest related tot his CO is the little rectangle that pops up on the left side of your screen. The condition for the ARKS Quest to be cleared is to turn the CO in to Echo. Once you do turn in the CO, the ARKS Quest reward can be collected from your Main ARKS Quest menu, which you access Menu.

Which part of this process is giving you the issue?