Best Skill Tree + Sub-class for Hunter (Sword Main)

I am planning to be a Hunter Main and mainly use swords. I would like to know if there is an optimized skill tree for my selection. I would also like to know what the best sub-class would be best for my selection.

As a JP player I'm very satisfied with the combination of Hunter/Etoile. The combo of Automate and damage balancer basically makes you unkillable. Until that class releases though consider a sub that'll either give you additional mel power for glass canon power or something that gives you tech use for access to the support techs. (Shifta, Deband, Resta, Anti). As for the tree, make sure to get sword focus as well as the ring that reduces how quickly it runs out. Also determine if you want a fury or guard playstyle for getting more dps. Also avoid the Mel power bonuses, not worth it.

If you want an optimal build for dpsing with sword and you plan to main hunter (aka only play it as a main class or willing to buy a second tree for subclass purposes) here is the main tree and 3 sub class trees I highly recommend you try:

keep in mind the names of skills will be different from NA servers as this is based on the fan translation from the JP servers and all 4 pages assume level 95 Cap. The subclass tabs are Fighter, Etoile, and Phantom. There is a lot of preference choices (especially for Fighter Sub) so keep that in mind.

For Fighter Sub I took a few points out of flat stat passives for Chase advance and Crazy Heart. Chase only works once in a blue moon when playing with a party that will freeze, burn, etc. mobs so its not best to max, but I feel as if one point works for some extra damage once in a while. I like to max Crazy Heart for the extra pp gain as Hu/Fi can definitely run into PP problems. Lastly I like to take both stances critical skills because crits will deal 100% of your potential damage, so its nice to gain the occasional critical hit. I personally believe those passives are more valueable than just raw stat gain.

Each sub has its own strengths. Etoile is the tankiest with solid damage, Fighter gives a ton of damage when bossing (esp speedrunning), and Phantom has the best utility while having access to techs, but has the least damage of the three. Try them all and see what you like best!

@Mayvin Thank you for the set up. I'll check it out later and save it for the Open Beta. You said that I can buy a second skill tree and I'm guessing you use AC. Is the limit two or can you get more than two sub classes?

You can only have one main and one subclass tree active at any time. What you can buy is alternate skill trees to swap around with your main and sub.

@Mayvin Ahh I see, thanks for clarifying! 😄

@Plazza7020 Not to hijack your topic but I ran with you during one of the events. You added me on xbox and I just added ya back. We need to play more when it comes out. My buddy I play with is a main hunter too, hunters and fighters are the way to go!


The build is based on fury DPS and currently known NA content. Fury stance with the mobility and support capabilities of a bouncer. Elemental Stance to add even more damage to your attacks. Not a build I myself will be using but it's something different you can try out. The field effects from Bouncer actually combine really well with Hunter. As for the mobility there are a few classes that can gap close or transverse the map as quickly as a bouncer can. Make those time trials eat your dust. The sub class skill tree is built with keeping in mind that it will need to be leveled as a main class eventually. The points put into craft mastery can be taken out and put any where you want.


Instead of supporting how about just flat out slaughter. Thanks to the Fury Stance getting a damage buff for striking and range you can give yourself a way to increase your power further by activating Precision Stance. You now have 2 stances that provide not only heavy striking damage buffs. But now have a bow to take care of those pesky out of the way weakspots. To many enemies running away in a panic by watching you slaughter everything around you. Pull out the bow and activate rapid fire. You now have another flat +500 RNG Power on top of both the stance buffs. Tired of beating things to death with a giant sword. Then it's time to pull out the Katana and slice everything to bits before they even see it coming. As for the bouncer this skill tree was created in mind that you will be using it as a main for leveling purposes as well.

Now then as a quick note and before you get all excited about wanting to try these out in combination with being a Giant Sword wielding death machine. If you wish to use the Bouncer Jet boots for mobility and support skills. You will need to aquire Jet Boots that can be equiped by the hunter class. That is also the same for the bow and katana in the second build.

They aren't overly difficult to find for example you can get a bow at level 11 that can be used by all class's. It's just an issue of going out of your way to farm for the really good Multi Class weapons. So if you go and attempt these Hunter sub class builds keep in mind I created them with the idea that you will want to have those weapons available to you. So don't just jump straight into it like that. Luckily enough still getting the stances from either or both class's will add extensively to your stats. Both the bouncer and braver sub class uses 200 DEX Mags.

Now then for the "That Tickle's Build" If you want DPS I do not recommend using this at all! You have been warned.

The only damage that comes from this is the Summoner's Mark skill. You heard right a SUMMONER SUB CLASS. This build is very simple you walk around and scream at everything. They really hate screaming they hate it so much that they will ignore everyone around them and come after you. Oh no you are now in danger! Guard Stance activate! No you just stand there and keep screaming as use Summoner's Mark to give the rest of your team a damage buff. You are now playing a true tank. (At least until Etoile) This build you can either do a defense Mag (100 Range defense and 100 Tec Defense) or you can just throw on a +200 MEL Mag.

Well if you have the money to buy more skill tree's on one character then you could run all of these whenver you want. Just keep in mind I made these setups because they are not Meta end game. But they will still 100% work in the end game content. Hope you have fun and enjoy screaming at everyone.

@Plazza7020 Happy Birthday Plazza. Also does anyone know what a better combination Hu/FI or Fi/Hu and possible skill builds for Fighter main?

@The-Question That is a really great build for Hunter/Braver. But I don't think I'm going to do that for a long time, because I want to do Hunter/Fighter and I'll probably do a few more quests as Braver once I do a couple more Class Client Orders that I started before the Beta closed, before switching to Hunter/Fighter.

This skill simulator thing is really great, I kinda wish this was put in a sticky thread so everyone can try it out and use it, even though there's probably no real need for that due to all the links anyway.

To be fair , I'm spoiled by safoi type0 asa move tech so I personally preffer either bouncer or su as a sub, may not be the best for maximum DPS but it works and allows me incredible amounts of Mobility in fast moving boss fights

I would get a skill tree with Fury Stance and another tree for Guard Stance.

You don't need a Guard Stance build early on as monsters don't hit that hard at lower difficulties.

Just squeeze damage from your skill tree to progress through the game until you reach lvl 75 or so, then you can grind a nice powerful weapon that can compensate for the loss of offensive skills and switch to a Guard Stance build.

A lot of people just throw a final build and expect you magically understand what skills to pick first. I'll just share a Fury Stance build, explaining how it should look like on different level thresholds and the rationale behind my decisions (because it's actually my build)

You should max Fury Stance first, here's how your tree looks like when you max it at lvl 18:

Then you proceed to do the quest (client order from your hunter master Ohza) to obtain +5 skill points, at that point you should pick the utility skills at lvl 20:

At lvl 30, you should proceed to pick the Fury Stance boosts as they are just passive boosts (unconditional damage boost):

At lvl 40, you should practice your Just Attacks (or Perfect Attacks) and put points in their corresponding boosts as you start getting better at it:

At lvl 52, I recommend you pick Automate Halfline as you'll start to encounter harder bosses and experiment with higher difficulties, you should've also done the client order for the extra Skill Points from Ohza (should be available at lvl 45):

You should be set from there on, until you finally reach this build:

With that build, you can farm materials and weapons and prepare to switch to the Guard Stance build they shared up there in this thread.

Although it's fairly cheap, if you don't want to spend money for a new skill tree, then ignore my guide and just go for the Guard Stance (which is also hella good but requires a different playstyle)

Braver and Bouncer subs are not recommended for Hunter as they will really gimp your damage. If you want tech access then you should be using Hunter/Phantom (which isn't released yet). Hunter/Summoner is serviceable compared to braver or bouncer but still not recommended.

Just wanted to say thanks to yall for the builds and info. Really helpful stuff here!

Im a hunter/fighter but it would be helpful to have more resources including a us skills calculator. In current state which stance is best for HU/FI ?

Does anyone have an updated us skill tree?