AC Shop sales today?!

Hello, just curious if anyone knows whats up with the bundles for sale in the ac shop today. As far as i can tell, they selling an exp+150 ticket for 65 dollars and also a scape doll for the cool cost of 38 dollars. Anyone know whats good here? Lol thanks

The true value comes from the permanent (not rental) inventory increase. IMHO the scale dolls and triboosts are meh, but its the inventory that is the big deal.

The AC sales with scapedolls are usually "scams" since buying scape dolls with real money are not worth it. A lot of deals on JP the scape dolls were added so you pay cost and basically get the scape doll for a lowered cost or free. My recommendation is find out the actual prices without the scape dolls and see which is cheaper.

@Seed the beginner support pack is a great value. Id buy it if my inventory and storage were not already maxed. Im asking about the boost item pack - which appears to be a single use exp 150 boost selling for 64 dollars. Also asking about the popular item pack, which seems to be a single scape doll for 38 dollars!

@Tweetzilla5918 From the way they have them listed on the announcement, it looks like the Boost Item Pack is supposed to be 20 EXP +150% and 3 RDR +400% Boosters, and the Popular Item Pack is supposed to be 10 Scape Dolls, 10 EXP +150%, and 1 RDR +400% Boosters.

@AndrlCh wow,thanks, they might want to reflect that information within the ac shop itself. Both bundle descriptions show only 1 single use item coming with the bundle.