Bo/Gu or...Gu/Bo...?

My question here is which main/sub combination do I stand to gain more from? Is there any meaningful benefit to maining Bouncer over Gunner in this combo? I use Jetboots and TMGs pretty evenly, using appropriate all class weapons depending on what's main and not.

I just really love both classes and with a pure DEX mag in the works the end goal is to either go Bo/Ph or Gu/Ph

I'll be honest, neither of these two classes work that great with each other, and Bo/Gu moreso because Chain Finisher is now a main class only Skill (something that has taken Gunner from one of the best sublcasses to one of the worst, period).

If you do insist on using these two, your best bet is Gu/Bo just for the sake of actually being able to use Chain Finisher.

@AndrlCh Tyvm! Yeah after looking at all the main class skills GU certainly has more potent exclusive skills than BO so it makes sense. I think I'm going to have to just make a new character and yank the new mag off it to make a pure R-atk mag, cause pure DEX does GU no favors when trying to equip like...ANY decent TMGs before hitting the level cap lol.

Oh well such is the price of pursuing my stubborn goals!

@LCDfeenix Mags are not counted as items, and as such, they cannot be transferred between characters.

@AndrlCh awww...oh well. Just gotta stay the course then