Ark cash not showing up in game.

Anyone have issues with purchasing ark cash? I bought some over 10hrs ago and it has yet to add the value in game. It does show the purchase history under my account. Anyone know if i may have missed a step?

Usually shows up for me within 30 seconds, its good its in history. Try hit up support, they have been quick and helpful for me so far.

Yeah i contacted them yesterday and so far its been pretty quiet

I'm also not receiving the ARKS cash I purchased. Even after trying to relog.

its almost 2 days now and still no word/fix. I'll give it one more day then i'm gona contact my bank

@Loresoldier Sounds like a good idea.

I'm having this issue now. $300 worth of AC and its not been added to my account at all. Didn't used to have this problem.