Issue after Issue, Cant uninstall, F*** You Microsoft!

I have never seen such a broken game in my life. I have a brand new MSI GE75 which I know the hardware is not the problem. I have spent several days after launch to get the game to work. Then when I finally got the game to work, I had nothing but crashing issues, stuttering and no sound. After getting over those hurdles, now I cant even load the game since it keeps saying it cannot connect to Xbox live. Yet, if i exit the game and launch Killer Instinct, it logs into Xbox Live. Then on top of it I finally had enough and went to uninstall the game and try a month later or so. Instead I got an error message and now the game is removed from my apps list with my SSD drive full from the all the installations retries and game files. I ended up doing a fresh install of Windows to remove this virus from my PC. I cant believe how many threads of people complaining and help tips on how to remove the game from your PC. What a complete joke. Why ruin such potential game with stupid micro transactions and horrific software. Charge me $60 and make a decent game. Hopefully this game will come to Steam one day.

Use Arks-Layer PSO2 Tweaker, lol.

Simple...just reinstall windows and wipe your hard drive. That is surely the only way a company expects you to be rid of their game.

@liggittman I mean isn't it a bit ironic that the company that literally make pc broke it's own thing because it can't function properly to allow autorisation to programs that the company ITSELF allowed on their own platform ?

@Shirokami07 Tried Arks-Layer and it helped, but could not get past the part of logging into Xbox Live that popped up a few days later.

This isn't a virus LMFAO.

@STARBLlND said in Issue after Issue, Cant uninstall, F*** You Microsoft!:

Charge me $60 and make a decent game.

Game is fine. It's Microsoft Store your issue. At least get the right ideas at the right place.

@Morgothryuzaki I don't think that was meant to be literal.

@Shirokami07 Can't wait to see everyone that did this bitch about their installs being broken after the next patch.

Gotta keep stoking the fire! LOL

@Grave-Knight Maybe,can never know anymore lol

@Morgothryuzaki said in Issue after Issue, Cant uninstall, F*** You Microsoft!:

This isn't a virus LMFAO.

It was a joke because the game acts like a virus program that Windows can't uninstall.