Hey anyone able to give me some advice on what skills to add on my skill tree?

So basically so far Ive enjoyed the hunter class as my main and took fighter as my subclass and would like to just only use my greatsword, so far I know that's kind of the route id like to take with my character, so as for the skill tree thats what I need help with xD Im not sure which skills I should be going for and how many skill points I should be adding to a certain skill, Im looking for more of a DPS kind of build, I noticed that there are some random stances? If I have to choose between the stances id like to go for the one that would help me deal more damage, I hope thats enough information to help me build a good skill tree although Im very noob lol. Thank you very much

Might be worth looking over this guide. There's a ton others out there utilizing the arks-layer skill tree simulator. https://pso2naguides.wordpress.com/class-builds/

I clicked the hunter/fighter build should i follow that build?

It's been years since I've played pso2, and even then I wouldn't consider myself an expert in builds. Therefore I research and try to find builds online. I'm sure if you check youtube you can search "HU/FI pso2 build" and get a few other results, or even just "Hunter pso2 guide" and see what information is out there.

If you find a few guides, just bookmark all of them and compare/contrast the similarities and differences between them. You'll see a trend of what skills are ALWAYS picked vs what skills seem to specialize or diversify one build from another.