Borderless FullScreen and 4k Xbox Style Fonts Required on PC!

Hello to the PSO2 Sega Support Team.

PSo2 on PC needs some fixes that clearly have been addressed on the Xbox One X Version.

The issues relate to users with modern monitors being unable to enjoy the game without significant tweaking of their game files.

You can Reference my post here for a work-around and the Arks-Layer launcher does help however it only works if you play the game in exclusive fullscreen which is an issue as it breaks the Xbox Game Interface Integration and causes all sorts of in game problems.


  • Unable to Play at Naitive Resolutions above 1080p (Most High end Monitors are 1440p or 4k)
  • Unable to Play on Borderless Window when tweaking resolutions above 1080p
  • Illegible Text on Resolutions Above 1080p
  • Unable to Leverage the Xbox Interface when Playing with Exclusive Fullscreen (MAJOR ISSUE)
  • When adding friends on Exclusive Fullscreen expect screen flashes and random crashes.

Desired Resolution:

  • We need a Borderless Window Mode or Virtual Fullscreen needs to scale up to higher resolutions (Currently Virtual Fullscreen can not go above 1080p)
  • Xbox One X 4k Font Support needs to be ported into the PC Version
  • Naitive 4k Support Needs to be ported to the PC version similar to the Xbox Version
  • 2560x1440 Naitive Resolution Support

If you are also having issues wtih higher resolutions consider using the Arks Layer Launcher or implementing the fix I posted last week:

4k Resolution and Text Fix

Yes, this is pretty lousy that we have to ini edit in 1440p and 4K support and even then we lose UI scaling and the ability to play in borderless windowed.