Its the last time I'm trying with this game.

@Moonsae I do believe she is aware of that , Asking is never a wrong option.

@Moonsae I did not ask for help though. I made a statement. Difference.

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@xxHumorxx Actually,the windows store version deletes itself(it just did to me out of nowhere),it causes issues with installing and uninstalling and litterally overwrites your own admin rights.

Can't say I've had any problem myself with any games through Microsoft Store, though the only two I've ever played out of Microsofts Store is PSO 2, and State of Decay 2, sadly, haven't used, nor had any reason to use the Microsoft Store for almost anything, I say "Sadly", mainly due to not having much experience with it, don't really wish to either.

I'm not really sure who's fault it is that the game, and seemingly files (sounds like an issue on Microsoft Stores ends with files being randomly deleted), are being corrupted. It's just such a bad "Platform" for games in general, and I really didn't think Microsoft would go the route of Epic Games, and use "Exclusive" route, which in who knows, could actually be the issue with all the Lobby/game choppiness to begin with.

I'm not really too sure what would fix your problem. If games are randomly being deleted, and or files, I'd probably try doing a virus check, or remove any virus's from your computer, thus wipe your entire computer completely to make sure nothing is wrong with it. Thought you do mention it's pretty new, so I can't figure that would be the problem, unless you're visiting "Troubling" sites every hour of the day, which even then, "Windows Defender", the basic Virus Scanner/removal should work better than most programs out there.

Honestly, PSO 2 PC launch for the West, has just been a massive "eff around". And it's sad that Sega isn't going to get to fixing, or hotfixing anything until a maintenance date. It's almost like Sega Hired the cheapest Western employers they could find, and said "As long as it starts, we're satisfied", which even then looks like it's not possible for some people.

Well, hopefully you fix your problems. Honestly, I might have just gotten lucky with solving the "Lobby Choppiness" issue, as a random video on youtube just showed up, mentioning a bunch of things wrong with the game, and one of them being a fix.

Dunno if it helps but- That's the random video that helped me out with issues I never would have cared enough for, as long as I wasn't in the lobby the entirely of the game, which I'm usually not. Haven't seen the entire video myself, don't really care for the "Youtuber" in general, but, might have some information about stuff.

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Since the new tweaker update,my game doesn't work anymore. And since I couldn't uninstall it AGAIN,I had to wipe my HDD entirely for the second time. Now I have to download the full game through the tweaker and if this fucks up again and I have to reinstall ONE MORE TIME,i'm quitting the game. This has been going on for far too long. I have been patient,I have helped my friends for days with their issues,I endured constant issues as well. I have reached a darn limit. This game is fun,but it ain't worth reinstalling every two fucking days and wait for 3 hours for the download to complete.

I'll said juste wait for a bit and come back later. 😞

The new Tweaker update has fixed everything

@Morgothryuzaki said in Its the last time I'm trying with this game.:

The new Tweaker update has fixed everything

So everything working now? ^^

Unless the tweaker can fuck up all of a sudden,yep.

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You aren't trying to help anyone. You come on here saying hey it worked for me so obviously you did shit wrong. Completely disregarding the fact that not every hardware works the same and has the same set ups.

So get a new setup and stop bein a toal noob

This post is deleted!

I'm in the same boat. Windows updated last night, then tweaker. I'm not sure which one broke my game, but this is now my fourth time reinstalling this shit and I've just mysteriously lost over one hundred gigs of space into the windows shop ether. No game is worth the amount of hassle I'm going through to play this. I love PSO2, but this isn't fucking worth it.

@EunJaeSeung Except that the Tweaker is litterally a thing so not it wasn't any kind of jokes like this.

Also how is this MY set up that has an issue? I have a PC running games like Witcher 3 at max settings on 60 fps flawless,but sure let's go and say its MY set up the issue.

PS: Since you seem to not know how these things work,software malfunctionning like this has nothing to do with my set up. Especially not with thousands of people also having issues.

@Nuebot I highly recommend the PSO2 tweaker option. So far it seems to have fixed everything for me. No more WindowsApp BS,no more lobby stuttering either.

@Morgothryuzaki Intersting my dear, I will have to look into this.