Its the last time I'm trying with this game.

Also i don't need help from someone like you,like AT ALL. I know my way around a computers decently enough. I have done the changing permission before to fix bad issues that my old computer had. However the MS store clearly has done something to my permissions and to my very profile because even giving myself FULL permissions isn't doing ANYTHING at all. ` But please,do keep on acting better than others. Do keep assuming shit about what I did like you were in front of my computer screen.


I had no issues with my 1st install. Tried tweaker, didnt like it, uninstalled. Still works fine.

To counteract the lag in towns, I used some method without downloading anything and it works. No lag in town at all.

I would just wait until they have a fix for everyone. June 10th? Not worth quitting though, this game is literal crack and I need ma crack

@Isomer I LOVE the actual game. But having to wipe my HDD? Nope. If this tweaker fucks up and I can just uninstall it normally? I'll take the wait. But hvaing to redownload 2 TBs of games.... That's ass..

@Morgothryuzaki Don't let them win! Never give up, Never Surrender! You Can do it!

Wait for an official fix. No game is worth stressing out about.

@Morgothryuzaki said in Its the last time I'm trying with this game.:

@Isomer I LOVE the actual game. But having to wipe my HDD? Nope. If this tweaker fucks up and I can just uninstall it normally? I'll take the wait. But hvaing to redownload 2 TBs of games.... That's ass..

You won't get any help if you're having trouble running the game through a tweaker or 3rd party program. go to Arks-Layer forums and rant about it.

And you don't need to WIPE your hard drive to uninstall the game. don't you know how to use "TAKE OWNERSHIP"?

Just in case i'm going to put the link for the reddit bugfix megathread where you might actually find a fix for whoever need it:

Also tweaker link to diminish your number of errors (possibly it cause problems to some ppl too apparently) and you can play on windows 7 too with the tweaker apparently too just as a note:

There's also that thing that could be interesting to know for most to prevent the game to uninstall itself :

Edit:Replaced the tweaker link for a way better version that doesn't self delete itself

By the time they fix this ridiculous shit,my friends are all going to be max level and I ain't gonna care to keep playing.

So your friends won't continue to play with you even if you are lower level? If you're on ship 2 feel free to send me a message and we can grind out some levels.

My friend will,but I'm going to feel pressured to hurry up to catch up and I am not going to have fun AT ALL. Already the grind from 50 to 75 is extremely long and I don't feel like being behind because this fix is going to take forever to come out. Honestly I am done. I uninstalled it all and I give up. No game is worth all that fucking hassle.

I'm not sure about you but anytime I play a game it's to have fun and enjoy my leisure time.

You're only as "behind" as you think you are. Try and stop worrying about such simple things that literally no one else cares about, your friends don't care what level you are, I don't care what level you are, we just want to play the game.

If you can't just appreciate the game then I guess best of luck to you on your future endeavours. -My offer still stands, if you want to party up on ship 2 just let me know.

The new tweaker update solved all my problems give it a try

Don't feel too stressed about falling behind. Most of the crazy endgame stuff isn't even out yet. Also I'm sorry you and others are dealing with this pretty awful bug. 😞

One misconception from people is that the NA Tweaker is just patching files. There are multiple bugs that it fixes.

  1. Missing files the official patcher doesn't download. Fixes the missing dll file errors.
  2. It runs a command line and takes ownership of your folders on first run. Fixes the store from deleting the game for many but not all people.
  3. More recently a way to bypass the official launcher to fix the lobby lag without renaming files.

The latter was an easy fix but it's more aiming to be a one stop shop for everything. Once all this mess is officially fixed then the only reason to use it would be the add-ons.

First of all, completely ignore Subject-Astra/Ephemiel, or whatever is that they call themselves these days, in fact, i recommend blocking them like many of us already did.

They have been aggressively attacking every single PSO2 dissident or critic since the very announcement, first on Twitter and then in the forums, and they will not use any sort of logic or argument, it´s pure white knighting in it´s most base form.

On the whole concept of "falling behind", you should not worry too much about it as not only we are going to go thru 3 expansions in 6 months, which means the top tier loot today will literally be vendor trash within 2/3 months, but in ep 5 and 6 there will be constant events, that still go on to do this very day, to help people level up and catch up with the very best gear.

PSO2 is an extremely casual game, you can leave it for 5 months then come back, and be at the top of your game within two weeks of catch up events.

So do not worry about "being left behind", that is not really a concept within PSO2.