Please rerun the limited sales that PC players missed out on since the XBOX launch.

Multiple sales ended before the PC version even launched. On top of that, sale purchases are untradeable, so these items can't even be bought from another player. At this point I would gladly buy the Tylor bundle just for a couple of items in it, but there's simply no way to do that. With how few items are available from the Fresh Finds shop, there should be cosmetic bundles available in the SG shop far more often. In the meantime, having the last few bundles return for a second chance would be perfect for all of the new PC players who missed out through no fault of their own.

I've made infographics on what was missed, so obviously I agree with this one. Players are always going to feel like there is a divide when there literally is one, and it's pretty obvious it is being exploited on the market for some items PC players couldn't get from the events, mission pass seasons or (easy!) campaigns.

The solution? Make there not be a divide! It's really that simple. Re-run past events or redistribute their rewards, and let PC players in on everything they missed. Added bonus, for the items that were paid like Fresh Finds promotions and AC Scratch sets, you get income from the majority portion of the playerbase at the same time.

I'm really miffed this wasn't a bigger focus of the PC launch. How difficult would it have been to say "Login event, get everything that disappeared while you waited!" It only really happened with the open beta items and since there was no communication about those it feels more like it was a mistake and they simply forgot to turn their distribution off. Which is funny because it would mean the best PC launch reward was neither communicated nor intended!

Not even just these things, but I hope they bring back Mission Pass Waves, Fresh Shop items, and both AC and FUN Scratch stuff too. I feel so bad for all the new PC people who missed out. This is part of why I played on Xbox One too, but I know not everyone did.

Yes, that's what I meant in general. I've even bought some of the very limited prior content that exists on Ship 3 for around 2 million and I'd be perfectly happy for that to go completely to waste by it being brought back sooner rather than later to end the divide as quickly as reasonably possible.

@Miraglyth As someone who often does things like that (and I've absolutely spent a lot on some stuff I missed as while I have an Xbox, I was unable to play as often on it due to issues with the game with our TV), I appreciate to not be alone in that sentiment.

It's one of the reasons I made this suggestion so long ago too.

I really hope they'll consider it. I feel bad PC players have missed out on as much as they did.