[Ship 2] Inspire recruitment

Inspire welcomes you!

Alliance Level: 4

Language: English speaking only(NA based)

Ship: 2

Playstyle: Casual

Timezone: Any

We are an Alliance founded on the principles of community, goals, and most importantly respect. We hope for this to be a warm and friendly Alliance that everyone feels welcomed to. The focus of this Alliance will be engaging you all through fun events, helpful information, and support in quests. At this moment a discord is in the works so please bear with us!

An introduction.

I am Truecinder(Yvresse), the Alliance leader. My past experiences with this game have been the JP server many years ago, however my Phantasy Star experience goes all the way back to Phantasy Star Universe when it was on the Xbox 360. My intention of this alliance is to build a community of players who are willing to enjoy the game to its fullest extent and perhaps play more games together outside of Phantasy Star Online. I’m active at random times of the day due to work, however I’m very responsive to my discord where you can contact me directly. Tuna#2413

Community - Being the core of the Alliance, we aim to establish a solid foundation with members(new and old) who are willing to enjoy the game alongside others of like minded or different interest. The Mission is to enjoy the game together. I, myself and others of our leadership are willing to help out! Whether it's learning about the game or taking on new quests and UQ’s. Remember, you are a part of the foundation, the effort you put into spreading positivity will be an overall positive effect to everyone around you!

Goals - I’m sure everyone has them or might not even know it! Whether your goal is to be the best DPS in the game, or maybe even the best dresser, or maybe you’re just looking for a good time. A goal to me(Truecinder) is something that keeps you pushing forward, an objective that makes you log onto the game and continue to play.

Respect - Our leadership will respect you as human beings and we expect everyone to do the same. Toxicity is a huge NO whether it’s in the alliance or outside of it. Be respectful.

Lastly, Rules.

Cursing is allowed, however we maintain a zero tolerance policy towards derogatory comments/words pertaining to ethnicity, religion, age, sex, and/or sexual orientation.

Requesting/Sending personal information is prohibited. If caught in illegal actions (i.e. harassing minors) you will be kicked and reported. Be respectful of others’ opinions. Like any community, there will be differing opinions and beliefs.

No heated arguments in main chat(if one arises take it to DMs, especially staff instructs you to do so)

The staff has a final verdict in everything; If they say something is not allowed, listen.

Refrain from doing anything that reflects negatively on our Alliance or it's members. Such actions include:

Harassment is becoming a larger problem in this day and age, mostly due in part to it being a form of entertainment (trolling.) Even our officers will cut up and have a little fun from time to time, but be very cautious to not cross tolerance boundaries. If we catch wind of these types of problems, punishment may very well be in order.

If you have any issues with any Alliance members or people outside of the it, you may ask the officers or True for guidance and/or assistance. Please refrain from starting any drama. If any of these issues are unable to be handled, we expect you to act in a dignified manner and allow the officers or True to hand out reprimands if any are necessary.

Most importantly. Any attempts to disrupt the natural balance of the Alliance will result in some form of disciplinary action.

Lastly, you have the right to request a change in our policies and/or rules. To do this, you'll have to get in touch with one of the leaders or True either through Alliance chat or discord. Once your suggestion is delivered to the administrative body, we'll discuss it the next time we get the chance as a group.

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Bumping this to say he knows his stuff as he has had prior leadership experience! You'd feel at home in his alliance! Good luck ♥

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Some quick questions about this allaince:

Are you cool with players who have a more "casual" approach to the game? I.e. not in any major rush to "hit the endgame," not putting in 6-12 hours a day grinding high-tier activities, not rearranging the day's schedule for UQs, etc.; just trying to enjoy the game at their own pace, some days not doing anything more than logging on to send Auxiliaries on errands and do whatever dailies can be done in the lobby/ship area because that's all I have the time/energy to do.

Is Discord participation absolutely necessary? I do have an account but have done next to nothing with it, prefer to do any voice-chatting in-game with Xbox party chat and even then I'm not an overly "chatty" person most of the time unless we hit on the right topic.

So if you're cool with someone who's not overly talkative, not "sweating" over stats/DPS, generally more of a solo player but willing to help out when/if he can, and has an existing "Alliance" (I'm the only member) that can be merged/absorbed to bring a decent chunk of AP (around 7k at least) with him, let me know.

How you play the game is your choice and if that’s how you have fun then so be it. Your way to play is no problem with us.

Discord isn’t necessary it’s preferred so when events or things or UQs happen people can see and be notified.

That said you’d be welcomed into Inspire

@Truecinder Ok, cool. From what I understand you can look me up (Player ID# 10296374, Xbox GT zaffy2005, Player ID name Zaffy2005, Alliance name: Cacoethes) and then according to the manual:

"If you want to form a union with another alliance, choose the Alliance Captain from the Character Menu or an ARKS Search, and then select "Alliance Commands" → "Propose Alliance Union" to propose a union with that alliance."

Once I accept the proposed union your alliance will absorb mine, adding me to your alliance along with... checks 11,000+ AP that I've got stored up because I've got nothing else to spend it on. lol. But the one making the proposal has to be the "captain" of your alliance. If I make the proposal, your alliance gets absorbed into mine instead.

Done and done. I'll contact you in game. Seems that we need to be in the same area to initiate the union.

@Truecinder Like same block and all? Seems rather iconvenient. Are you on now?

We'll figure this out lol

@Truecinder Ok. I'im usually on between 10pm and 1-ish am Eastern Time.

Easy. Ill just be getting off of work at that time. Ill catch you.

Bump again

Tried hopping on to at least send my Auxiliaries to do errands and apparently LIVE is down and has been most of the day. Hopefully they can get that sorted out quickly.