NA height limit

Why is there actually a higher minimum height than in the Japanese version? This seems really silly to me lol

It has been addressed many times. Basically the jist is, No one is really happy about it, the GM's have let the devs know. There may be a poll coming soon/later that will let us decided if we want to remove it.

This remind me you could make a pixel as character on Aion quite litteraly as well as some monstruosities, making really little characters could give some advantages on pvp. I don't exactly know for pso2 but balancing issues might be the thing here.

@Dracoco1214 why would that matter on NA and not JP which has everything we've yet to get?

@Dracoco1214 Sure I could see that being an argument if it wasn't for the fact that Japans height limit is shorter so balancing doesn't matter. I don't know why they would balance the two versions differently.

@niko2172 @EspeonageTieler I agree that it isn't right, just like i'm pretty sure it doesn't actually cost them anything to just remove restrictions. Actually that's just dumb to do that because ppl will only be jealous and it's just causing trouble for nothing at this point.

@ERICK001BC said in NA height limit:

No one is really happy about it,

By "no one", you mean the vocal weirdos from here that are somehow put off by not being able to make characters as small as in JP.

@Ephemiel Lolis might be the real problem, yes.

@Dracoco1214 said in NA height limit:

@Ephemiel Lolis might be the real problem, yes.

Suddenly the West confused itself with Korea and their obsession with lolis in games.

@Ephemiel Not everything has to be seen in a negative light. I was also referring to the height handicapped, the people that enjoy speed running, the people that hate content being censored removed with no real reason or content added to make up for the loss, people that want to pretend they are kids, people who want to make their favorite characters, cosplay, rp, people that don't really care and just felt like it. Not everyone has to be a sicko, it's just a game and knowing the difference is what really matters. Also, the height restriction doesn't stop people from being sickos. I reported plenty of Nudity, and sexual content (pictures with known loli characters). They always are going to be somewhere.

Censorship is bad! I want to make my loli!!!