Instruction book or a strategy guide book on the game

There are so many new features and mechanics in PSO2 compared to PSU and PSO that I actually feel like taking a book on the game to just read through the entirety of it.

I find it easier to learn things this way and find it more relaxing than looking through a bunch of links on the screen and sometimes trying to find things over again.

But yeah I don't know about anyone else, but I might have to start printing out pages of information on PSO2 just to carry around and read during random times I am out or free while waiting for the next server opening.

I'm learning so many little bits and pieces everywhere on streams and forums and the twitter page. Even the game popup tips are super useful but then I forgot what it was saying sometimes haha.

Yeah I also need an instruction book or strategy guide cause I'm pretty new but plan to play longterm.

Hey yall! I actually was just posting about this moments ago!

I set up a thread just a bit ago for players just like yall who have questions but don't know where to turn!

A lot of players like myself have been playing PSO2 for years and we're more than happy to help!

And sometimes we need help too! So please feel free to ask anything you need, no matter what kinda help it is, no matter the level! 🙂

Even i am missing loads of information about the game and i played PSO2 for months. This game is quite extensive and fun.

@MachineQueen thanks, I just took a look. I'll be checking there for things people ask but yeah just feel like sitting back and reading all about the game and knowing everything about it haha

I would love to see a physical strategy guide for this game too. I wonder if Sega would look into this as another resource to profit on the game.