[Ship 3] - The Repository - Recruiting more for the eternal grind.

Repository: a place in which something, especially a natural resource, has accumulated or where it is found in significant quantities.

 This is exactly the thing we're looking to accomplish within our members. We're looking to foster a community where we come together to utilize our collective knowledge to help each other grow as players. PSO2 is a game  with a large number of items, menus, abilities, and nuances that build up to make for a large barrier to entry for the average casual player. 

 Join The Repository if you're looking for an Alliance that you can grow with.
 Join The Repository if you've knowledge or aid to share with those who don't have it.
 Join The Repository if you're looking for a community to be part of every time you log on.

We understand that not everyone has the time or energy to spend time searching through page after page to find the right guide for what they're doing. We understand that looking through forum post after post can be off-putting, especially as we all learn the game. Our leaders have backgrounds running world top guilds within other games and spending an large amounts of time on optimization. We continue to attempt to consolidate all of the useful knowledge in a more convenient way to keep you doing what you should be, enjoying playing this game.

So come join us as we grow, whatever your intentions are.

Ship: 3 Speak to: Calamorn or Quinne.

Knowledge is power. Help us accumulate it.

I'll be spending most of the day in game today. Come level with me!

We're still around, still growing, and still recruiting! Come join.

Still spamming urgent quests to help people level. Come join!

We're doing pretty well. Always looking for more people to make sure we have rounded groups for farming ults and advance quests!

It's been awhile since I've updated this. We've grown quite a bit, but are always welcoming more.