12* Ray Unit Skill Ring Addition Greyed out???

Not sure why but I am unable to add skill ring to unit...

Is it a left ring you're adding?

Also check the requirements and restrictions on the second detail about item. Example some rings do not let certain classes equip them.

Yes left ring... have you guys added rings to ray? check the shop the option isn't even available... regardless of what rings are in your inventory (im on ship 1) "Unit Skill Addition" and " Transfer S-Grade Abilities" are GREYED out... I DIDN'T post this post to get questions like "IS IT A LEFT RING YOU'RE ADDING...?" I'm not an idiot - I want to know if the option is available and functions for you...

@Gorak7864 It may not actually let you do it then yet. I'll check when I get home, but I remember there was a combo ring before that didn't even have the option to upgrade because that feature item was missing from the game.

My friend today tried doing this and he couldn't either. It's like if it's bugged or not working yet.