Xbox store cash to buy things in game AC shop?

Apology if this is the wrong section, but I am not sure where this would fit really. I am newer to Xbox as I use it for Pso2 , it sat untouched before. I stupidly converted money into the Xbox currency/ Microsoft cash? Then was told by a friend most games don't let you use that. So simply just curious if we might be able to on Pso2? or if I made a horrible mistake.

Still no info on pricing or payment methods at this time. You could try contacting Microsoft and tell them it was a mistake, worse case scenario they say its not possible.

The way AC works is generally through PSO2JP itself as a microtransaction. That said, for most games on the Xbox, the currency to purchase microtransactions goes through the Xbox dashboard, which means Microsoft currency can be used for any game that said currency can be purchased through the dashboard.

While we don't know yet if this is how its going to work, more than likely this is the way it will be set up, as otherwise it would require purchasing through a website in the game itself, which is more of a hastle to devs than its actually worth.

So [don't quote me but] while its possible AC won't be purchasable with Microsoft currency, that is the most likely the way it will function as that is how it functions for all other games with microtransactions that are free to play.

Thank you both so much!

You are very welcome @SpookyOh 😸

@SpookyOh Always glad to help, best of luck m8.