Has anone been able to launch the game?

Has anyone been able to launch the game?

Try using Ark-Layers. I got it to start up once by using the PSO2 tweaker launcher. Second time I launched it it went straight back to failing to launch. Gonna try using the troubleshooting option on it for Gameguard to see if that fixes it. Edit: Nope. Thanks SEGA.

@PhukJC89 I'm soo frustrated... I had to reset my system to factory setting

@PhukJC89 what launch error are you getting?

Finally got it to work.

  1. Downloaded the PSO2 launch tweaker from Arks-Layer, set it up, and let the game update and launch through it.
  2. Ran the option to troubleshoot permissions issue with Gameguard
  3. Closed Nahimic audio as Fezix93's advice here https://forum.pso2.com/topic/3403/the-game-app-won-t-open/3.
  4. Prayed to Sweet Baby Jesus that it'd work

Hopefully it still runs tomorrow. Not even Bethesda games are this much of a headache. @John-Paul-RAGE Part of what makes the whole thing so frustrating is that there IS NO error message when this happens to people. The game just silently crashes before it even launches. The only reason I knew to try the troubleshooting option in the tweaker launcher was because unlike the regular launcher it actually says "Hey, you clicked start game and the game ain't started. Try running the repair Gameguard under the troubleshooting menu." If I were Sega I'd take a look at the third party launcher and learn a thing or two from them.