Help with bingo card monster location plz

i have only 1 slot to do yet.

its some cycronahda monster

i asked in game and was told ruins, but none of the missions or explorations show/called ruined 😕

(im not very far in story so maybe its unlocked later?)

The best Quest for that one is the Harukotan Time Attack Quest. It, and many of the other Falspawn on the Bingo card, are a guaranteed spawn there.

Keep in mind that Story Quests do not unlock new Expeditions/Areas, and you must complete your currently unlocked Expeditions to get more unlocked.

Not all areas of the game are available immediatley. Thr best advice I can give you is to try leveling up your character more, and also doing the quests for the NPC cofy (next to Rebecca on the Right) at the quest counter by the main gate area. THEN, at some point sooner rather than later, the ruins area will be unlocked and able to be entered. Many of the falspawn type enemies (that you need to complete the bingo card) are found in the ruins. I would say try either ruins free explore OR ruins expedition. The enemies you need are common, but the spawns are random so you are not guaranteed to encounter all the enemies on a single given run, but should be able to come across them without much trouble either in the ruins or in an urgent quest as many of them also have these same enemies. Good Luck!