Is there a better way to add augments?

I've been trying to get 8 on a new rod for hours now and just keep having it fail at 3-4, sometimes all the way back to 1 and it's absolutely soul crushing. I'm using enhancements-- it gets to 85% to 95% (I sadly don't have a large enough one to hit 100%) and it's just so upsetting. 😕 I don't even mind it necessarily failing so much as losing all the meseta and work put into it as it resets back.

Upslotting is always a pain, especially going above 6 Slot. Unfortunately outside of Augment Boost rewards and getting Augment Aids that are 45%+, it is very difficult to get to 8 slots. The best advice is always to just use really cheap, high transfer rate fodder (like Stamina I and Might I) to upslot first, then use Weapons with Special Augment Factors that you want that have also been upslotted that way.

@Princesse-Jen Basically you are doing what you can. There are other stuff still not available that greatly help. For the most part, there are those items that help 100% but you have to exchange items for them. I find what helps are 2 things. Using the same type of item (I know this may be hard sometimes as the augments may be separated around), and finding the lowest costing items to augment than using that as the fodder. Also I stop going to DUDU, he is evil with me. I have better luck with shy girl.

This is how it is done. 2 step process. To start, get a bunch of fodder with "junk affixes". All you have to do is use junk low level affixes stuff like "might I". Can also use augmentation aids if needed, goal is to just add slots, type of affix does not matter. Then stop when you have to right amount of slots. For step 2, Then you put on the affixes you actually want for that weapon. If you have low augments like "might I" then they transfer 100%, except there is a penalty when upslotting so it would go down to 90%. You can safely get around the penalty (remain at 100% success) by using the support item "augmentation aid +10/20/30/40%". With this strategy you can upslot to 5 slots, all 100%, assuming you have both low level augments, and assuming you have a 40% aug aid when upslotting 4 slot to 5 slot, (If you didn't use the 40% booster for 4 to 5 slots it would be 60% success). If you went from 5 to 6 slots using a 40% aug aid and same affixes they would all be 95%. So you can gamble on 6, but with 5 slots you can guarantee it will be a success. Also In the future they will add more higher % aids and also have affix boost days for added 5-15% success.

I personally stick to 5 slot for now to stay safe, as the final can always be 100%, and 5 slot fodder is more affordable then 6 slot. Also, Try to have 100% success for the Final affix if your gear, if you want to stay safe-only because If it fails you will loose those fodder and affix booster so it will be a big waste of resources and meseta. Personal choice. Many would gamble on less than 100%, which I think is fine for hurried upslotting, but not for the final upslot.

so I just did the tutorial augmentation and I only used 3 slots as it said that using extra slots decreases my chance, so I did the "normal" amount. I had three augments, both on the equipment I wanted and the fodder equipment. Now I only have two. What the hell, I mean why even bother then??