I really can't decide on class

I am really looking forward to etoile and phantom with that in mind and that currently that they don't exist in our version so I may be playing current class for a bit and building mags for when that does happen.

IT seems my best options are, Summoner Braver and Force Do you agree?

Which would you personally recommend?

As long as you enjoy it, It really doesn't matter what class. In my opinion, I did Hunter/Braver, and than Force. Working on Techer atm. Eventually you'll end up doing all classes anyways, for the stat boost but I am sure they are coming soon.

Well, I believe I'm just gonna do one character with multiple mags because the full "You can get more gold from other characters" is going to be negated by the ac I'm going to be purchasing.

@Ship04 I would still recommend 3 characters for the special quest items, Star gems, and special items distributed like the skill tree resets. I did it mainly for the meseta however. Still multiple mags is a good way to go, and if you do 3 characters you'll get a total of 3 mag raising kits as well.