I don't care what you think...but...

I want to say that no matter where I am playing video games you can't stop my fun! I continue with the activities that I want to do in many video games that I buy and play. None of you will stop me; no one can. Whatever game I buy from my earnings I play that game how I want. I have faced many games that says that I can play the way I want to but they lie. And then there are games that like PSO2 that lets me play how ever I want because then I can care less what you or any person that thinks I am ruining the game for you. I will tell again: WHATEVER GAME I GET MY HANDS ON AND PAY WITH MY FAIR MONEY I WILL PLAY MY WAY REGARDLESS OF HOW ANY DEVELOPER MAKES THEM. BECAUSE IT'S MY LIFE. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM TO BLOCK ME. AGAIN: YOU CAN'T STOP ME.

@LostButton50970 Not sure the context, but the point is fair and understandable. It is your life, do whatever you feel you need to do. When you play a game, play it in the way that makes you happy and enjoy it however you want to. That's all I can say. Nothing wrong with how you do things.

@ERICK001BC Ok, I'm sorry, you're right! Thank you.