Can't figure out how to use AC scratch tickets - help please

OK. I have them. I've gone to the ticket terminal. My only option is to buy more, nothing that lets me use the ones I already have. Do I need to go somewhere else to use them?

You have to click on the specific Scratch you want to use them on, then you will see the option to use them.

When I do that, it asks me if I want to buy more. No option to use them. Sigh....

So when you click on one of the Scratches, this menu doesn't come up?:

alt text

Nope. I see: Oracle Celebrations VIrtal Stars Dark Omen Career Line FUN Scratch AC Scratch Ticket x 12

Otherwise the same as above: Ie. Available Until and Price columns.

OMG.... I clicked each of the options above the FUN Scratch and ALL of the them had the option to use my tickets. This software really sucks. Thanks for hanging in there with me on this.

@TubularWolf9057 hey man I had the same issue so I see your frustration. Let me try to explain a bit better. When you go to the shopping cart and pull up the tickets window the "AC Scratch TIcket x12" option is not a set that you can win items in. It is simply a discount for buying in bulk. You get 12 for the price of 11. But the tickets are called AC tickets because they are bought with AC. But you have to choose one of the other4 options either, Oracle, virtual stars, dark omen, or career to actually use them with. It's basically a wild card scratch ticket that isnt limited to one of the categories, but rather one where you can choose which of the four categories to win from. Hope that explains it better man.