Force Experts Wanted

Currently debating on what combination/build I want to do for Force and was wondering if any experts could shoot out some advice on what's the strongest/easiest build to master and play with relative success. Thank you! Skill trees appreciated! (NA Version)

I like using my force with Hunter as the Hunter Skill Iron Will allows you to survive fatal blows. Force have low def and hp so this helps them survive better. Plus it's nice to have something to depend on if enemies get to close. If you want to play a little riskier, a lot of people do full support and run either Gunner/techer as subclasses to help out Force.

The two meta subclasses for Force are Techter and Fighter.

Fo/Te is your traditional caster style where you try to match the best Techniques based on exploiting elemental weakness, doing big numbers from a distance, in addition to having great PP management. This does have the lowest HP of any class combo, so you are at risk from getting one shot, but Techter does give you access to a Skill that reduces all damage taken by 15% when you have the Support Tech Deband active.

Fo/Fi is a bit more of a one-trick-pony as it primarily focuses on rotating between different Lightning Techniques to take advantage of Force's Lightning Tech PP Preservation and Fighter's Tech Arts Skills, and you need to be aware of your position relative to the enemies because of Fighter's Stances. It has more HP than Fo/Te and higher damage potential, but you lose some of the better support Skills.

In either case, your survivability can be increased by the Tech Parry and Quick Illusion rings.

You could try other combos, but be aware that some classes (like Hunter) have few to no Skills that actually benefit Technique damage.

As the above person said, the most common combo is Fo/Te, which is your standard caster build. You need to get used to dodging though, as you'll be fairly squishy. Most of the other class combos don't have any damage bonuses that apply to techs, so they're inferior as they won't increase your damage. Hunter as an example has Fury stance, but that only applies to striking/ranged damage, so is useless for a Force.

Another option is Force/Summoner, but I don't know much about them. I think they are less squishy than Fo/Te, but might so less damage and/or are harder to play?

This is your standard Fo/Te build: I've leftover points on the Fo tree that you can put into either the rod or talis skills based on your preference. For example, Talis Tech Bonus is a must if you use talis, as it's a flat 20% damage bonus. But as a rod user you can skip it.

You want to focus on skills that give a % boost to damage, and they're multiplicative. So on the Force tree the skills I've chosen will give you: 1.27 (elemental conversion) * 1.10 * 1.10 * 1.10 * 1.14 * 1.2 = 230% damage with ice/fire/lightning (you'll get the same for the other 3 elements from the Te tree). Plus Elemental Precision hit on the Te tree is an additional 1.2 = 277%. And if you use Talis that's an extra 1.2 = 330% damage.

On the Te tree you focus on wind/light/dark, and the PP regen skills. Without the PP skills from Te you'll probably have issues with PP regen.

*note: For elemental conversion I've used 1.27 as that's for a non-matching weapon with 60 element factor. If it were matching it'd be 1.3. If you only have 50 element it's 1.225 and 1.25 respectively.

You're in luck, a member of my JP team finally got around to finish and publish his Force guide. It's mostly for JP but has a section for NA at the end.

It's also accessible on the Phantasy Star Fleet discord in the guides/resources section.

i would say this Force guide is ok, but its forgetting a thing Forces can do: abusing Tech charge parry ring, you can always just start a tech charge instead of dodging to block some attack, even better on JP since you actually get 5% health and 10 pp on each blocked attack because of an S-Abi. Fo and Phantom are the easiest classes to play.