Hey all. I've been playing when I can since the PC launch. After installing the game, I kept running into an odd problem when sometimes PSO2 would not load after clicking on the app icon. It would turn gray with a white line going along the bottom as if Windows 10 was at the end of the an update for the app. I couldn't load the launcher no matter how many times I clicked on the gray icon.

I think I found a reliable fix for anyone that may be running into the same problem. Go into the windows app store and download any app. It doesn't matter what the app is and you don't have to complete the installation. Just click on it, wait for the download bar to appear, click on pause, and then X to cancel it. You may need to restart your computer or restart the computer first and then follow the steps, but you should now be able to get PSO2 to load the launcher and log into the game as usual.

Hope this helps out.