Client Quests Should Name Maps

Seriously, how was this the best way to translate the game?

Client: I need you to kill 30 Blue-Kneed Flurmplekrumps! They're a danger to everyone!

Me: Ok, what world am I going to?

Client: Shrug

I really love having to alt tab 40 times to look up monster names to see which ones are on which map, so I can take them all when I go out exploring. And some Alliance Client Requests DO name maps!

So why don't ALL Client Requests name the map they can be found on!?

They don't in JP either, but it's a nice suggestion. The only time they do name them, is when an NPC has multiple client orders with the same objectives, then they'll say something like "Tundra Lv.21+ Only." (Some of Hans' COs are like this.)

They do allow sorting Client Orders by area, at least.

@Ragnawind That is the best way to go if you're not looking up the database on the enemy/maps.