[Ship 2] Glowing Morpho is recruiting! looking for chill people!

Hello everyone! This is Glowing Morpho, a very young alliance at the moment looking for members both new and old! we are laidback and chill and are open to help players out. we welcome both Xbox and PC users and we're currently just trying to grow, now dont get too crazy here we do have some rules.

  • Respect eachother

  • avoid drama and politics, this includes baiting

  • no homophobia or racism

  • jokes are allowed but know where to draw the line

  • prefer to keep it pg-13

  • this alliance is meant to be chill and i would love to keep it that

we also do have a discord server although it is not necessary for you to join it, it would be nice if you would, you can probably get some help for the game or help others with it so that would be nice.

now for the Alliance information:

Alliance: Glowing Morpho

Leader: Alinea(IGN)/Alineah

Ship: Ship 2

Location: mainly North America but people from anywhere are welcomed

Playstyle: casual and new player friendly

Timezones: PST and EST, hours arent really fixed for us though so its irregular but typically its at nighttimes

discord server: https://discord.gg/tHujrgd

If youre interested, feel free to message me or you could also join our discord, Posting here also works or you could try to request to join ingame, whichever works best for you! I'm looking forward to seeing new faces.

friendly bump, we're still open for recruitment~

Hi! Room for one more? A laidback and chill group is exactly what I'm looking for, and I'm down to use voice/chat join the discord as well. My Player ID is same as on here (SnakeLetter). I'm using one character so far - a lv. 49 Ra/Hu. Lmk!

We got a few people and we're happy about that! But we're still looking for more, giving a friendly bump~

another bump, we're still recruiting!

bumping again, we still want new recruits 😄

bump! bump and more bumps!

bumping again, would like to still get some new members 😄

we grew quite a bit, but im still looking for moar! bumping!!!

Nice to see that the alliance tree is not just a broccoli anymore, thanks to everyone joining and playing with us, im very greatful that i got members but that being said it still nice to have others join us 😊

Bumping because more members are welcomed here!