What makes the Brissa so good?

Does it have a special set effect that I do not see? What makes it so I should prioritize that one over the one with 255 melee defense?

If you have a full set equipped, you get +200HP, +10PP, +70 All-Pwr, +12% MEL-Resist, +16% RNG-Resist,+9% All Element Resist, and +50 DEX. The ones from the Rising Badge Shop have Augments that then also give you an additional +150 HP, +9 PP, and +45 All-Pwr.

Holy shit...... Okay yeah now I get it

How much RNG def do I get per level? Cause that stat requirement is kinda high

@Morgothryuzaki Depends on your class, level , and race/gender, though in general once you are lv50+ it is about 3 or 4 per level.