Anyone else give up?

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The funny thing is that Windows deletes everything but your data folder for some people. The data folder holds all the actual files for the game and the files that Windows decides to remove are just your PSO2 executable along with some other files in the main directory.

If you had a friend who could just give you the executable and the remaining files that were deleted, you wouldn't need to redownload the whole 60 gigs.

Also, it's always good to make a backup of your game so you don't have to keep re-dling the files.

Also in doubt install Arks-Layer Tweaker.

update: following this thread I have successfully cleaned out my pc and don't have to factory reset it anymore. WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! good luck to everyone trying to clean there pcs. also thank you Alienware for having a feature of hit f 12 during boot to run a software fixer. as I came to find out because of shity download, the files for pso2 actually got corrupted witch was why I had 60% of my problems. OOHHH happy days! only better if I could get to, I don't know, ACTUALLY PLAY THIS FUCKING GAME!

This may or may not make you happy, but the 10th is when "fixes" may or may not show up. They say they know the issues but no real action will be taken until the 10th 😐

@Seed The 10th appear to be the D-Day for all our concerns it seems.

@Dracoco1214 I would keep your expectations low. SEGA is notorious for "third-time-is-a-charm" maintenance and this is only their 2nd.

@Seed i kinda want some one to edit d day from saving private ryan to all these issues. anyone get what i mean?