Anyone else give up?

I have speent 3 days trying to get this to work and play. i managed to make 2 characters and play a bit, got to see a concert, play gone wit the wind urgent mission. but after that 1 good session i cant play this broken ness anymore. the tweaker dosnt work for me , ive tried so many things im confident i messes somthing up more on my computer then this nightmare already did. I cant take it any more. im throwing in the towl and wont come back till i see this is fixed or a better solution comes out. waited 8 years for this and honestly i dont want to wait anymore but i guess i have no choice. for thoses blessed with no issues i am jelly and wish you the best experince. but as for me im done.

Sorry to hear right now it seems they fixing stuff, I finally could download and install the game and now I am playing.

I also gave up and until someone finds a way to simply bypass the ID check problem I will just not try anymore, I'm also not expecting that they will solve the problems in 6/10 maintenance and I'm pretty sure more will come from that. yep I have low expectations.

I just tried buying AC but yes my I can't purchase anything too. I need to wait for Europe Release... I guess I can give up too at least in buying stuff. Well I still play it but this sucks a little bit.

You can always play and earn meseta and buy it that way until AC fixed.

@ERICK001BC ah okay good to know, hope it won't be too much of a grind.

@KrayzieKami Surprisingly, the market has gotten a lot better with PC players. Items that where in the millions are a lot more reasonable now. Hopefully so is your item. Just know Items off the AC scratch that are gone, or are leaving soon tend to rise in price.

@ERICK001BC thanks for info gonna try to farm it ! Still its a shame they letting us EU folks in but we can't buy their products I wanted to buy the 30 $ Pack. Maybe we can in the future or they are planning a EU Release soon.

@KrayzieKami Just be happy you are able to play it with the work around, considering there is no real UK/international release yet. Here is hoping everyone. Just play and enjoy till you can. Also consider Searching the forum for ways around the AC/ Microsoft store. There a few in there that work.

Honestly i doubt EU gets the game a release, they would have launched it about around the same time at the very least if they planned it.

@Dracoco1214 They would be crazy not to. They need to fix the NA PC release 1st though. People from around the world love PSO, give the people what they want.

Nope tweaker has fixed every issue and has cracked the game to not run on microsoft store and releasing it soon

I heard that the tweaker got an update and fixed it. i might try again later after i fully clean my pc. 3 days and had to uses treesize finder and im still cleaning up files from this terrible launch and recent wondows update. I really love this game i truly do but i can keep runing pcs just to play a game. that what happen to my 1 st one(TBH it wasnt the best specks). i played the japanese version for a time before i had to stop.

I've installed this game six times now. I've tried both the windows store and tweaker. I've lost over one hundred gigs of memory space and every day I install the game it breaks the next day for no reason. I've given up. I've just completely and utterly given up.

The funny thing is that Windows deletes everything but your data folder for some people. The data folder holds all the actual files for the game and the files that Windows decides to remove are just your PSO2 executable along with some other files in the main directory.

If you had a friend who could just give you the executable and the remaining files that were deleted, you wouldn't need to redownload the whole 60 gigs.

Also, it's always good to make a backup of your game so you don't have to keep re-dling the files.