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Tried installing xbox identity provider, xbox app and companion. When i try to open ANY of these they either don't open, or open and i'm "not signed in". Earlier today i was. tried uninstalling and reinstalling these apps, did not work. This applies to when i'm using the tweaker. When i try to launch the game regularly it doesn't get to the screen for me to even see this. Help is massively appreciated, i waited 8 years to play this game. I'll reply back quickly.

I wish I could help with it but I'm stuck in the same problem, tried all programs related to Xbox ID but they only affected my other games in special Xbox (Beta) that also kept throwing Troubleshooters in my CPU, I also tried to erase the logs of the Identity Provider that for some did solve it but not for me. check the Reddit some people there had tried some stuff to that part and see if it works for you.

bump. please help.......................................... please.

I had this same exact issue. I downloaded the pso2 tweaker na version and it fixed it for me.

I just got this, where the microsoft login kept coming up. I closed the game, started it again, and the GameGuard ERL Send Files dialogue appeared. I sent the files using the send button, then had to open the game again, which allowed me to get in.

well found a way to fix this problem and this one worked for me, I just installed the Windows 10 back on my pc, that fixed the issues with other programs that weren't working like they should like my e-mail however it took several hours to do it