Game suddenly doesn't work?

I've just reached level 75 after ~70 hours. I went to open the game and nothing would happen. Ran as administrator and got everything up. Now the game is checking the file when I click start game. The first check is fast but the second seems to be as if it is downloading the game again.

Please for the love of god I just want to keep playing. How do I start my game? It was just working an hour ago, I only got off to eat and go outside for a small amount of time.

Please help. I just want to keep playing and it was just fine. Everything has been working fine. Please tell me how to fix it.

It just says operation in progress... FOR WHAT? The game works FINE. Why is it doing this 😞

It sounds like some files got deleted. Did you turn off or restart your computer after you quit playing? I hear that can cause it. If so you might have to wait for a fix.

i have the same issue, i got off 8 hours ago, then logging on, the game wont run at all..

All I know is i'm trying to download it on my other PC and if either of them work I vow to never close the game ever for as long as I live. Will never happen to me again.

so yeah it happen to me too and for what i read also to some Xbox users,the game got deleted somehow and now i have to redownload it again... the problem is that the game its huge :c and it will take forever,and also... who knows if tomorrow the game get deleted again...because you know.. microsoft store..i wish this was on steam...

Be careful about redownloading it. Uninstalling the game does not delete the files.

Yeah i had the same problems as above uninstalling and reinstalling and the app not working and the space not going down and then the game wont intentionally uninstall no matter how hard you try until you reformat your hard drive or ssd like i did and now i continue to reinstall everything i once had because this game fucked it all up and as much as i want to play i won't download again til they fix it and i guarantee i won't get a refund on the money i spent on premium time and shit that im now missing out on.

i think if i manage to fix my game im gonna log in and never log off again or turn off the pc,because im scared that the game uninstall if do that..

@Chimaeracrisis If this game doesnt get back up, I too want a refund on money i spent. I wish they would give us refund...


good luck, Microsoft doesn't care about the customer. This should of been a urgent rushed issue fixed by monday but no, they will wait. these people deserve to be fired and never hired in this industry again for this embarrassment of a launch

Lol yeah we should know by now about microsoft not giving a damn. Thank Dr. Bill Gates the non licensed vaccine specialist and eugenics supporter.

I had the same thoughts about wanting a refund because as of now I wasted ~9 hours I know I would have been playing. Paid for premium. Was going to buy AC today. Definitely not now.

I agree this should be a much more urgent issue, something should be done 100%. Still working on getting it running ill post my results as well.

I've still yet any developer to say anything to relieve some of the stress of the community.