PC Suggestion - Allow game to run as non-administrator accounts.

I do accept that Administrator is required to Install/update the game. However the game always runs as administrator level and this is a major security risk because it means that shared computers wind up having the risk of additional software being installed due to every single user needing admin access to even run the game.

Note: This could also be considered a major security risk because other software ( like Discord) receive active interference from this escalated permission requirements. This game forces other software which runs nicely to h aft to run as administrator because the game does not share the keyboard nicely. I use Push to talk on discord voice chat, and discord has to run as administrator to fix the issue.

** Note 2:** Phantasy star online is rendered unusable until reboot if you click "No" on the UAC dialog which should honestly not even be needed.

Another suggestion would be to replace gameguard with a non-cuck anticheat that actually prevents cheats instead of one that prevents the game from running in the first place.