Personal shop reset password?

Just logged back on to pso2 for xbox one, but I forgot my password for the Pshop and there is a limited amount of guesses. Not sure on how to request a reset for my account, any help is appreciated.

Can try submit a ticket but it been 4 days and no response

Other people waited even longer for no response

@SPLATULATED how does that work like the ticket ho w does it work

@DARAIVIYAHN said in Personal shop reset password?:

@SPLATULATED how does that work like the ticket ho w does it work

Hover over "SUPPORT" at the top of the page, and click on "CONTACT US." Click on the Contact Us button on this new page, then login.

After logging in, in the upper right of the page, there will be a "Submit a Request" link you can click.

On the next page, choose "Item Shop Password Reset (2nd Password)"

After you fill it all out, you just have to wait for a response. Next time, I'd recommend writing it down somewhere physically, on a sticky note and putting it on a wall.

@coldreactive ik im rlly stupid for thinking i would have it in my head

@coldreactive after you submit the request what happens next