Hi guys,

Here a new player and not american, so sorry for my bad english and if i miss the notice about this event, but i haven't find nothing on the news section about it, so i wish share this story to you, enjoy 😉

A couple days ago i was alone in a low lvl dungeon, just exploration for advance in the main story, and from nowhere i see a player join the room (or at least what I thought was a player), looks like another Hatsune Miku cosplay to me (I have already seen another player with a similar name in another room, so was nothing special at begin to me ). So i sayed "hi", but no response, than we start the dungeon, and was strange, cause not only a lvl 65 join in a low lvl dungeon, with Afin aside, but what she said was similar to what an NPG said, so i start to think about a special event, and that "Miku" was actually NOT a player. But i was not shure, specially cause "Miku" was going in advance inside the dungeon before me, completing it and waiting me in the last room pre-boss ( i started the dungeon alone, so was strange that she was in the last room with me ) until at the final boss, where another strange thing happen: 2 of the same boss spawned at the same time, and than i realized i was in an event, is this misunderstanding happen only to me? Overall it was a fun experience ;D