[Ship 3] League Of Weebs (LoW) EU based alliance recruiting weebs! [Active] [Discord]

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  • Hey you
  • yeah, you
  • The person sitting in the dark browsing these forums
  • are you currently suffering from loneliness? lack of a girlfriend or any of these other symptoms?
  • Well, I got a deal for you!
  • come down to Fra- Frank- Ship 3 block 2
  • where we perfected the "weebginyaaring"
  • of weebs for your need
  • whether you like your ice cream vanilla or something more "Hardcore" your coffee flat or with milk
  • we have a space for everybody.
  • what can you do with us EU weebs you might ask?
  • well, you can:
  • headpat
  • headpat
  • headpat
  • headpat
  • and...
  • you can also uh do the lewd stuff (hand holding)
  • prices are "nya"gotiable (Literally free)
  • just dm Salad Doggo#1565 or our epic slime waifu Ruri Kotohime#4739 on discord
  • and you will join the alliance right away (if there's space)
  • weebs are not technically humans so it's not slavery
  • for more information visit https://discord.gg/3wM8uZz
  • and you will be able to make our weebs happy in no time.

that was a small introduction I wrote for our alliance Hello everyone I'm the leader of this alliance JosephJoestar also known as ZeroTwo(Main character name)/Salad Doggo(on discord) hope you have a good day you can call me anything you want! really up to you!

I want to point out some stuff you might not notice above. First, we are EU based alliance most of our users are EU based and we are mostly online at afternoon/late night. Secondly, We accept anyone! you don't have to be a pro to join us as long as you have fun with as that all we want! In addition, We are not just PSO2 alliance our discord server is a community server related to gaming and anime and our goal is to connect weebs inside a non-toxic environment to be open and talk about their interests without being judged. we are doing a group watch every Saturdays and watch films together and I'm 100% sure you will enjoy your time with us.

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Hey, I'm Ruri Kotohime(My player name), IGN: Rimuru Tempest, can send me mail in game as well and i'll invite as soon as i see it, look forward to seeing you all ❤

Best weebs on Ship3.

40 weebs members and counting. Whoo!!!

we might change the requirements soon who knows we gain member fast I don't want to reach the limit with almost half of the members not being active

Lots of fresh faces lately. Welcome!

Just messaged you guys yesterday, but will give this a bump so that other EU players will see the post 🙂

I'am just bumping there :3

bump it up

the more weebs the better we doing events now!