Seems cetain gear is in regular drop pools

As I have done a lot of the very hard/super hard missions on the second half of my beta times, I noticed some interesting stuff included in the normal game that used to be somewhere else on JP. For example the badges you find from rare enemies all give the Weaponoid 13*s and boosters, but there's some other interdasting things

20200209_214031.jpg I found these from SH elder+SHAQ runs, these were pso2es exclusive!


Apologies I don't have a proper screenshot for this, but I've noticed Red Weapons dropping outside of VHAQs and now they even have a proper potential too!

On a unrelated note, seems all weapons use the NT grinding system too. Lots of interesting changes to come about!

There are certainly a lot of differences, and for the better too. A lot of weeded out and unnecessary things make the game clean and easier to understand. I praise the changes!

If there are platform-exclusive items (like from pso2es) it's very likely that platform won't be coming to north america.

@Rzarcasm I definitely agree, it's nice to have everything on a central platform to get gear on and it can definitely help spread drops around in content that is considered dead in JP if done that way.

@oldColdReactive This is likely my guess too, especially since things like the Sigma weapons are usually tied strictly to es. It's still yet to be seen if some other ES stuff will come over and if even Idola stuff might be seen.