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I Just want bring attention to this because I believe this is possibly a problem in some states, some EU countries and 100% in Australia(They have really really through regulations on this kinda thing.)

I would like to say first I live in Texas so... we have terrible consumer protections with digital stuff so anything I say her doesn't apply to my state.

OK, ok let me get in to what the problem here MAY or MAY NOT be, depending on your state and or region.

Here are the facts:

  • The word 'SALE' is used on an item sold for Premium Currency on the AC shop.
  • This item is a bundle of 3 separate time and a bonus.
  • The price of the bundle item is 1750 AC on sale.
  • The price of the individual items is 1750 AC.
  • (350 + 800 + 600 = 1750 =1750)
  • Triboost is not sold for AC.

Some things to note:

  • Since Triboost is not Sold for AC 'directly'.
  • Keep in mind the fact that IT IS NOT sold for AC is the sticking point.
  • Yes we all would agree the Triboost has a value.
  • But legally it would not in this instance (In many places).
  • So what is offered is a bundle sold as a "Sale" where the item are sold separately for the same price

Now some of you might say "But AC isn't real money" And yes your probably right... in most places legally AC isn't money but consumer protections in many place apply to digital currency as well.

To Microsoft/Sega: please change the tag from "Sale" to "Bonus", Bethesda got in trouble for a similar issue only a year ago with digital goods.