Premium Set Pack question

Hey, just a quick question to anyone who might know the answer. In Japan the Premium Sets for 30/60/90 days run at 1300/2300/3300 AC respectively. For some reason on the NA server here they run at 1500/2700/3900. Is there some good reason for the AC price hike? Especially with the way the state of the game is now where it's hard to call it a good launch, at least for new PC players, this seems like an odd move, so I'm just wondering the reasoning. It's not like a USD/JPY conversion makes sense because a cent is stronger than a yen; 3300 yen would only be about 30.5-ish USD. So I'm curious what led to this decision. Thanks!

The Premium Set adds 200AC per 30 days because it also includes Mission Pass Gold Tickets: alt text