I Think I'm doing alright (new crit with nemesis cougar)

Braver Standards.jpg BRAVER CRIT 2.png I've been working hard on trying to get my numbers up for my braver and spent a lot of time getting my gear up for the new content, and crafting. I only played JP for a little so i'm not sure if im in a good spot for the new crafting content that's gonna be coming out hopefully soon. Hows everyone doing with their bravers.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vua6vzm2-0U Here is a clip of the actual test just need to max my katana focus gauge out before starting

Pretty good considering the content we have available atm. Do you have KC-hitcount up ring? If not you should get that, boosts KC finish max hitcount and therefore max dmg. There is also a PA that i forgot the name of which when charged shoots a short-mid ranged beam that deals multi hits. If you hit just the tip part of the wave you deal more hits faster than the combo you are using, but it requires some spacing and practise to use reliably.

This is one reason I stick to techter. I never see these numbers lol

@Gerbilios yeah thats the ring im using right now. I've seen that PA and was thinking about putting it in my kit. It does a ton of dmg if you know how to use it lol I'm waiting for crafting to come out so i can get sakura 0. Then ill probably just rotate between that and Lunar Flourishing.

Yeh, if you mean the PA that slashes down from air and then up (i know it as Gekka Zakuro) i used that too when opponent was close to ground, also Br normal attacks do alot of damage, especially the normal combo finisher of 2 hits if you have the normal atk advance. My rotation was pretty much PA>PA>normal>PA>PA>normal. Regens abit of PP when you're DPSing and thus lets you keep damage up for longer.

@Gerbilios oh yeah I saw that rotation on a comprehensive build. I just need to get better at the rotation and my movement

new crit.png new best right now with a Nemesis Cougar +35 with +95 MEL power, hopefully fixing it to 125 soon just need the right affixments. The only difference between this one a the slave cougar is the color and the barrier effect. i believe this one give -20%PP consumption and the slave cougar gives PP regen when barrier is up

Those are some very nice numbers. Can't you change the color of the barrier with the photon color customize option?

@ERICK001BC Please tell me your right!! lol

@Irishking-436 Neither has dropped for me yet, I was just curious considering almost all weapons past 12 tend to have that option. A lot my 13 also have that. Go speak to DUDU to find out.

@Irishking-436 gotta ask but how often can you hit that number? I'm no where near close with a nemesis weapon running around +30 and melee sitting at +100. I get a good 20k per hit averagely

Katana Combat Finisher. If you're hitting 20k average with that you have some practise to do

@Gerbilios oh, no sorry i didn't specify. Nemesis Gunblade rofl.

Nem DMG Test.png finally broke 500k with the Nem cougar still only affixed to +95 Mel Pwr but i think im gonna keep it here for now until crafting. Here is the video i messed up on my second rotation but i ended up fixing it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7wD3CcJZps