Why does the game uninstall itself

This is the 2nd time this has happened to me , the game would randomly be unable to launch, then after a few tries the game uninstalls itself this is extremely annoying that i have to redownload such a big game over and over again This doesn't happen in the japanese servers from what I hear, but it happens to the NA server frequently enough.

It's a shitshow here, that's why. The abomination we call the "Microsoft Store."

It uninstalls itself when you restart the pc, doesn't it? Suddenly, the launcher doesn't open and you realize the PSO2_bin folder is empty.

Happen to me also, for now.. I backup pso2 folder to another folder, and replace again. But it still takes an hour to play even with this method. Already try pso2 tweaker, not working for me. Sad

Same thing happens to me on Halo as well. PSO isn't to blame on this one. I'd like to know why as well if anyone can tell us as I have to redownload a game that took me 22 hours to download to begin with.

the unistall bug it is said to happen because, for reason, microsoft store says there is a problem with PSO2 files and delete them "just in case".

happend to me today what the f MS...