For people who can't go beyond the title screen

Maybe it's pretty obvious for a lot of people, but make sure you have the Xbox program installed in your PC and that you're logged in. I was struggling to make it past the title screen until I saw a warning from the Tweaker when selecting Fullcreen mode instead of Virtual Fullscreen. Hope it helps anyone

if you mean Xbox Identity Provider well that is a standard program on Windows 10 most of the time, however having it doesn't mean you gonna be able to log in, I know that because I messed up in several different forms with this program in order to make it work and even through it recognizes my account always gives me problem to connect to the servers and yet when is not PSO2 it keeps connected

I have all the xbox applications installed with the same account. I already tried all possible solutions and nothing ...

@MarkusC1998 at the title screen when I click on start game and black box keeps coming up and i cant get pass it to start the game, is the is the issue you are speaking about?

@GodCrippl3r In my case I didn't have installed the Xbox app ( ) at all, so I just pressed Play and nothing happened, not even the black box that you're talking about.

In your case looks like it has some kind of problem when syncing the game with the Xbox App, because that box should be the window to allow some permissions related to your Microsoft Account needed to play the game, but knowing all the problems we're getting with almost everything I'm not totally sure.