Click here to learn how to delete the "dead" data on your computer.


This is how I managed to get permission to remove the folders that PSO2 downloaded on my machine in WindowsApp.

  1. Right click WindowsApp and click properties.
  2. Click the security tab on properties.
  3. Click Advanced in security tab.
  4. Click on Effective Access tab.
  5. Click on Select a user.
  6. Click on Advanced.
  7. Click on Find Now.
  8. Find the User that will give you access to the folders. Mine is named "Users".

Now do it for all the subsequent folders that you want to delete. The PSO2 ones look something like this. DeletePlz2.png

I had two more of the same folders in the Mutable Backup folder. I hope this helped some of you and if anybody has a better solution to remove these folders please post them.

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