Phantasy Star Online & Universe Photos?

While we're winding down from the Beta, who wants to share some pictures from older PSO releases?

Here's one from a jeM meeting on PSObb before PSU came out jeM Meeting

The Yahoo Cup / Maximum Attack Mag The Yahoo Cup Mag

I've got a bunch of other ones, probably from around 2006 or so:

I've got 950 screenshots up on my website presently, all from Dreamcast PSO V1 & V2 and ranging from April 16th, 2003 - November 19, 2006. Been lazy as there are still a couple hundred more to put online that will ultimately take it all the way to the actual moment that the official DC PSO servers shut down in 2007. Visit: PSO Archive

Never got into PSU online as broadband internet wasn't available where I live at until 2012, at which point I was working full-time job that I thought was my life career and just didn't have time to game much. Did get and play the two Phantasy Star Portable (PSP) games and Phantasy Star Zero (DS), even played PS0 online as that would be played over dial-up internet if you knew what you were doing.

Here's my Phantasy Star Universe photos too!

PSU Memories

Casts looked so much better in PSU! Cast

Idling at Raffon Meadow before De Ragan released in the first week! Raffon Meadow

Know those feels about losing game time to work and life, I was in university back then so I was lucky to have a bunch of free time.

I really miss how cool casts looked in PSU!

Oh good God, that jeM meeting photo.

Truly outrageous.

I wished I had some photos of my PSU character :c I watch other's videos from the last day of the Xbox 360 servers, looking for my character in the crowd of players in the Falz Memorial lobby. I would love to see my old character again...

@Ilúvatar said in Phantasy Star Online & Universe Photos?:

Oh good God, that jeM meeting photo.

Truly outrageous.

Wasn't Jem.. it was UPPA meeting photo.. lul but you was close

Talking about the OP photo, champ.

My friend and I just recently started Episode 1 & 2 again. Finally killed Dark Falz on hard after a few tries lol


A dance event/competition I had on xbox 360 version

alt text

A Bruce's Dungeon Time Attack event I held on 360 version

alt text

And finally a Valentines day meetup on JP PSU

alt text alt text

I miss PSU! It had such a good community for it. And I really need to go back and do Dark Falz on PSO ep1 again some time soon.

Some Clementine pics I took a couple years ago! 16715900_141057899743469_3419454959426448450_o.jpg 16665963_141820299667229_8262980027347756159_o.jpg 16797911_141825873000005_2878595812419263558_o.jpg

Used to play the official game too but I've only got pictures of the screen. 😛

I look back at my time on 18 with the crew fondly...

alt text alt text alt text