Cant receive party invites or talk to anyone with in game chat.

I seem to be the only one i know who has this issue. All my friends are able to invite each other to parties but when they try to invite me the invitation doesnt show up at all. Eventually it says "Party invitation from X has expired" even though i dont see one or have access to one. This also carries on into my second issue with not being able to use the in game chat. I try typing to someone and no one sees it. They type to each other and everyone else can see it but me. I tried looking at my microsoft privacy settings but everything looks fine. Ive looked this issue up on google and youtube and i cant find a solution anywhere so im turning to the forums. I am a PC player btw. Anyone able to give me some incite?

My friends and I have had this issue and restarting the game seems to fix it most of the time.

@CrowFeathers4 Thank you for the reply Crow. Unfortunately for me, no matter how much i relog it still doesnt fix the issue. The only way I can join my friends is if I find their mission theyve posted and join that way. So small work around. Would like to be able to see peoples' chats and reply to them still though. And would love to be able to fix my issue entirely.