How much have you spent so far in game

@BFGesus said in How much have you spent so far in game:

Two 1-month subs for 3000 AC so far. I'm not an idiot with my money and will never buy fashion, emotes, or convenience items.

Did you get the ac directly? I personally went for the ragol pack which costs the same as a 3000 AC pack. Gives the ragol memory things, 1 months prem and 12 scratch. You can sell whatever you get from the scratch and the ragol memories and get a few million meseta for it. A Megumin hat sells for like 14 mill atm if you are lucky with that draw.... Just one hat.

@SleeprunnerInc Makes sense! That sucks about the not having the option. Finland sounds cool though.

I'll never understand some people's need to judge others for what they spend their money on.

Hopefully we get some information about the global servers and i might spend something.

$3 for an extra mag.

And I don't plan to spend more than $5 a month since the money conversion is really terrible for me.