How much have you spent so far in game

$0. Still too early for me to decide whether or not to invest in the game or not. Being a PC player, I have a lot of, uncertainties right now, to say the least.

$0 and I'm enjoying it enough that I'm gonna grab a costume pack and some AC fairly soon. Support the series people, those who enjoy the game should show it was a worth-while time to make the jump to the west. It also encourages Sega in Japan to keep us up to date with future Phantasy Star content.

None yet, if NA survives the year and population increases, I will switch from JP to NA and spend money. I am playing NA full time currently but the population has me worried (and the aggressive SG outfit/accessories while being unable to do repeatable for SG on NA). Only 3 ships and I heard Ship3 is much lower population. If the game dies, I will just return to JP, already have spent money there.

Got the Sonic stuff and the ragol pack mostly for the cosmetics and the scratch items to get more cosmetics. I personally don't like to use real money to power up my characters. But whoever does, I don't mind either.

I once had a chat with someone in Blade and Soul who claimed he spent around 8K$ in that game, and dumped everything on getting geared. The back of my eye still sees the glow emanating from his character...

Spent $100 and no regret.

at roughly $270 so far and rising. Mostly to support the game. Never spend even 1/4 of that on any game. So i'm hoping my tiny investment to see this game grow helps

I believe the idea of Sega making you have premium to do trade is to deter RMT bots/traders. Imagine any free account can post stuff in the market. I can only imagine the autobot farmers will find some ways to flood/exploit the market.

@KingCuong8823 hmm, not too sure. If that was there true goal, a simple goal like "Reach lvl x to unlock trading/visiphone market" would be the easiest thing, and work best.

@Redex Would spend money if I could but unfortunately it's too expensive for me and I cannot buy any currency from Finland.

Idk maybe £40? not having a maxed inventory and some spare skill trees/mags is painful and I consider it the game's "buy in" fee.

about a grand or so

Thirty dollars so far - been dropping ten a month for some additional inventory space. Will probably look into buying two additional Class Trees as well for Gunner and Hunter so I can have a Main and Sub set up for the two to go along with my Braver.

@Tri-Edge said in How much have you spent so far in game:

@KingCuong8823 hmm, not too sure. If that was there true goal, a simple goal like "Reach lvl x to unlock trading/visiphone market" would be the easiest thing, and work best.

Easy, sure... too easy, especially for bots and how quick you can level up in this game. Sure there may be alternatives like hitting certain milestones or quests but no matter what, you'll have people exploiting markets.

To the OP: I've spent a few hundred... NO I DON'T HAVE BUYERS REMORSE. oh what's this, a new ac scratch?

The only things worth it imo is the premium, inventory slots and shop. I mean the prem is a nice buff but the other two feels like a need on this game, less you go insane with the shitty initial inventory space and all. Open shop so you can rake up some money instead of selling things for 81m lol.

Two 1-month subs for 3000 AC so far. I'm not an idiot with my money and will never buy fashion, emotes, or convenience items.