How much have you spent so far in game

@Zizel I can kind of see where you are coming from - but for what - 10$/month? you can have ALL of that. Plus you get the mission pass and all its rewards, and the extra PSO2 Arks Day, plus the extra log in rewards, blah blah blah. There is so much that having premium gets you that it does't feel like a paygate.

@PsyGrrl88 $15 a month.

I'm up to $215 CAD now.

I ended up getting the sonic stuff bc it's a pre' good deal R IP another 60 LMAO

10$ atm for extra mag, and prolly will buy inventory slots

about 3k

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I think I'd be sufficiently happy if the monthly subscription auto-enabled the mission pass.

"Premium Set (XX Days) Pack" in the AC Shop gives you 1 Gold Pass per 30 days:

Thanks for this! Today I learned. 🙂

Nothing. ❤

About 90$ so far

40$ so far

Roughly $800 and plan to spend more and play the market again

I have not spent a single dime! BWUAHAHAHAA MY MONEY AND SHEKELS!

$20 bucks so far, doubt I will spend anymore however, nothing seems worth it to me in this game except maybe the premium, but that's only when I feel like selling stuff on market.

about $250 so fare